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Even First-Time DUI Offenses Can Lead to Serious Penalties and Problems

Being convicted of drunk driving can be a lot more troublesome and difficult than many realize. The courts take such illegal behaviors seriously and are empowered to come down hard even on those who have only offended once.

Riverside Criminal Lawyers like those at Wallin & Klarich are regularly able to spare their clients large amounts of difficulty and expense when engaged to defend against DUI charges. Hiring the right DUI Lawyer will vastly improve the odds that a conviction can be avoided, along with all the trouble that would otherwise be sure to come with it.

Penalties are Severe for All DUI Offenses

Many responsible adults go for many years without ever being seriously in danger of driving while under the influence. A slight miscalculation or even a bit of bad luck, however, can have even someone with a flawless record facing charges of DUI.

Some who end up in this situation make the mistake of assuming that the penalties for a first-time offense will not be worth worrying about. In fact, even first-time offenders can face court-imposed sanctions that include:

License suspensions. The law dictates that the driver's license of someone who has been convicted of DUI once can be suspended for up to six months. While not every case will result in such a penalty, the courts are allowed to apply this punishment wherever it might seem appropriate. Even if a driver who is represented by a lawyer should be convicted of DUI, the odds of having a license suspended will be normally lessened.

Fines. More or less every driver who is convicted of DUI will be forced to pay significant fines. Often in the thousands of dollars, the expenses involved can be more than merely disruptive to everyday life. Some drivers who end up being required to pay fines because of DUI convictions find that their financial situations deteriorate significantly, as a result.

Treatment. In just about every case, a driver who is convicted of DUI will be required to complete a substance abuse counseling program. This will often be expensive in its own right and will inevitably require a significant commitment of time.

Many Good Reasons to Seek the Counsel of a Lawyer

For reasons like these and others, it will always be best to do everything possible to avoid being convicted of DUI. In just about every case, accused persons who retain legal representation find themselves better able to mount effective defenses against this common but serious charge.